Paradise Tunes is a "Non-Interactive Streaming Music Service" broadcasting in the USA on the
StreamLicensing Radio Network.
A "Non-Interactive Streaming Music Service" means that all listeners hear the exact same playlist at the
same time (no personalized streams), all streaming is "live" (no on-demand streaming) and no songs
are available for download (no file sharing).
This Internet Radio Broadcast Service is covered under StreamLicensing's blanket license with BMI,
SESAC, SOCAN,  ASCAP and SoundExchange (via the US Statutory License) - meaning royalties for both
composition and public performance are paid and the station is fully DMCA-compliant.
Any questions regarding licensing and legal status for this station should be directed to
StreamLicensing's legal division or by sending an email to
About Paradise Tunes

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Paradise Tunes is a StreamLicensing Radio Station